Whether we realise it or not — fashion is an integral part of our everyday life.

Mundane activities such as picking out an outfit for school or work is one of the many facets of fashion. Although many people are still oblivious to this, fahion does havean enormous impact on your day to day life. You know that feeling you get when you wear your favorite piece of clothing? whether if it’s a sparkly beaded dress or a simple knitter sweater, that article of clothing has the ability to make you exude confidence

The power that comes from wearing an outfit that suits your personality and style may help boost your mental state and aid you in overcoming obstacles in your day to day life. Unfortunately, these days, fashion is often stigmatised and talked about with a negative connotation. A lot of people tend to steer clear of fashion as it is usually seen as superficial and hedonistic. Our goal is to prove to the masses that fahion is much deeper than just appearances.

UI Fashion Week would like to bring fashion back to it’s core as the purest form of art. We believe that fashion can be use as a form of art therapy, a tool for people to express their uniqueidentities in order to feel confident and comfortable in their own skin.


Fashion is unique.
Fashion is art.
Fashion is self-expression.

A quarter of a decade history — Empowering expressions since 2012

Started by a group of friends who accidentally gathered to create a small event in 2012, the passion and flames they shared together in the field of fashion have risen up high. With the strong desire to support local fashion designers and to promote fashion into the wall of Universitas Indonesia, UI Fashion Week was created on the root of high spirit and togetherness. Since then, it becomes our duty to revive the pleasuring vibes on the runway.

UI Fashion Week 2012 came up with a new force called “United Integrated: Nation of Creation”. Following the next year, UI Fashion Week 2013 showed its massive support towards Indonesian culture through “The Acculturashion: Celebration of Indonesia Anthology”. A year later, UI Fashion Week 2014 appeared with its style in “United Integrated: District of Mode”. After one year break, UI Fashion Week 2016 did its massive revival through “Eastern Exposure” which pushed eastern mode under the spotlight.

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