Evogue I: The Thrift Heroes behind DWYNM


Written by: Astrid Divani & Luthfia Ridzka

UI Fashion Week 2020 is drawing nearer than ever. As a part of events leading up to UI Fashion Week 2020, we interviewed with an inspiring thrift shop, Don’t Want You No More, on February 29th, 2020.

This year, UI Fashion Week 2020 brings up the theme of fashion sustainability and how our fashion impacts the environment. In connection to this year’s theme, we want to highlight the reduction of purchase of brand-new clothes, especially those from fast-fashion brands, and to encourage a more sustainable alternative, such as thrifting.

On the bright day of February 29th, we got the unforgettable opportunity to interview the co-founders of the prospective thrift shop Don’t Want You No More, Syifa Indriyana and Joviana Henza. The brand originated from the co-founders’ aim to sell their long-collected clothes. Both of them admitted to being a neurotic shopaholic, with their clothes piling up mountains in their own room. After periods of wistful thinking, they started to make putting their unused garments on sale. The thrift business started at a small scale at first, but eventually, it grew more extensive and more prosperous. With the support of their friends, both in giving supplies and human resources, Don’t Want You No More has successfully plunged itself into the realms of thrift shopping.

From Syifa and Jovi’s perspective, the benefits of thrifting are the affordable price and the never-ending possibility to explore one’s style.

Instead of a mere fad, thrifting is a new, promising lifestyle choice that anyone can decide on. As their name goes, they believe that even though the owner of unused clothes thinking of their possessions as detestable, other people may find them as a treasure to collect. They also emphasized as thrifting is all about confidence to wear clothes that show your true style and to express yourself through fashion. On top of that, most times, thrifting does not take up much money compared to buying new clothes. Therefore, thrifting guarantees you a unique style to explore at little expense.

What do they face in terms of challenges?

In contrast to the number of benefits, thrifting also has its own challenges. The co-founders of Don’t Want You No More agree that some defects on the clothes can be challenging. Not to mention the conditions of secondhand clothes’ shop stalls that may hamper their way of spending their entire time in choosing the best qualities of clothes. On top of that, it is also a challenge to find clothes with excellent quality fabric and good quality sellers who sell them. The lighting used can distort the sight for them in appraising the clothes.

“Be different. The person who needs to feel good about you is yourself. Clothes are unisex, and they have no genders.”

End of Words

Don’t Want You No More is actively using their platform to share awareness about fast fashion. They believe that sustainable fashion is not only for the environment but also for the people who work behind the scenes.

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