Evogue III: Local Fashion Brand Klóv’s Take on Fashion Sustainability

Evogue III: Local Fashion Brand Klóv’s Take on Fashion Sustainability



with Khairunnisa Syarif



One of the easiest ways to support fashion sustainability is through purchasing clothes from local brands.


Among many local brands in Indonesia, this time, UI Fashion Week 2020 teamed up with Klóv to further raise the sustainability aspect of fashion and elaborate on how they implement it in their brand.  

The brand Klóv is a clothing brand that mainly operates on Shopee. Its products take form in stylish tops and bottoms; additionally, for those interested in bags, Klóv also sells tote bags within their collection, called the nutmeg bag. 


The interview between UIFW 2020 and Klóv took place in Rupa Creative Tebet on Saturday, 21 March 2020, with Khairunnisa Syarif—the founder as well as the owner of Klóv—as the spokesperson. Here are the highlights of our interview.

Q: For starters, please tell us a little bit about Klóv. What motivates you to build it?

A: The reason is simple. First of all, I’m very interested in fashion; in that aspect, I want to make a product that can be a representation of myself. And I’ve always thought that clothes are our partner in our life. When we’re not feeling well, and we wear a comfortable outfit, I think that can help to boost our mood and also motivate us. 

Q: So far, what actions have Klóv taken to support sustainability?

A: For now, Klóv has not fully implemented fashion sustainability. However, we have taken action to support it by reducing the use of plastics in our brand. As an example, for packaging, we no longer use plastics.

Q: Is there any plan in the future to further implement sustainability in fashion within Klóv?

A: Well, soon, we hope to be able to recycle unused products and defective garments. Specifically, we want to utilize the garments in generating new products.

Q: The last question, if it’s possible, can you share some information about upcoming projects for Klóv?

A: Regarding the upcoming project, we will be releasing an issue soon on Eid Al-Fitr. So, stay tuned to Klóv!

All in all, while sustainability in fashion has yet to become the main focus, local brands like Klóv is trying to incorporate more environmentally-friendly methods in production. As consumers, as stated at the very beginning, an easy way for us to support sustainable fashion is through purchasing from local brands. Buying clothes from ethical, conscious local brands serves to emphasize the subject of sustainable fashion in the fashion industry itself. Not only that, but it also reduces carbon emission from transportations in the distribution process—which accumulates more and more according to the distance.

Thus, let’s evoke change together; starting small by buying from local brands, for the sake of better earth.


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