Jumping on the Rent Trend!

Written by Aziza Ande and Indika Alawiyah

Jumping on the Rent Trend!

With a theme of fashion sustainability, in which we learn about our fashion footprints in the environment. We found it fitting to highlight the numerous ways in which we can reduce our fashion impacts to the environment, one of the ways is in switching from fast-fashion brands to sustainable alternative, the alternative we will introduce today is renting.

During a cloudless day in March 2020, we were accompanied by the cheerful laughter and bright conversations with the CEO and co-founder of Rentique, Dea Amira. She shared with us her insights on how renting clothes could be one of the most sustainable and up-to-date alternatives to fast-fashion brands that still seem to go unnoticed. Driven from personal experience, Dea found that the struggles we face as a woman who starts most days thinking, “What do we wear today?”

Endlessly faced with the profound issue that we “don’t have anything to wear” followed with the constant desire to be socially present in several events like friend’s wedding, date nights, etc., yet are conformed to a seemingly tight budget. This has motivated her to create a platform in which women are presented the unlimited options of wearing designer pieces on a minimal budget, called Rentique. Keeping in mind our theme for sustainability in fashion, seeing that textile waste is the biggest polluter next to oil and gas, renting provides a sustainable way to enjoy fashion. At a minimal budget, women are being given the privilege to millions of pieces of clothing while also paying no expense to the environment.

How Does It Work?

Being a part of the youth generation, we couldn’t help but wonder about Dea’s perspective on how can she shift the mindset of people from purchasing fast-fashion brands to renting clothes instead, and according to her ‘what’s not to love about renting?’ Firstly, it covers the whole means of sustainability. Secondly, you can have fun with fashion on a minimal budget, and you aren’t conformed to the type of clothing you have; with renting, you can be edgy today, and girly tomorrow, the world is your oyster. It also helps that the rental process is very convenient.

With a choice of renting one piece of an item at a time for Rp80.000 or having your ‘Rentique’ DreamCloset where you can rent eight pieces at a price of Rp290.000, this all can be done with the touch of your fingertips through Rentique’s mobile app available in iOS and Android. You might be curious about the extent of cleanliness and quality found on the items at Rentique. However, Dea assured us that Rentique pays attention to the detail of their items by having a top-notch quality and hygiene control. Furthermore, Rentique collaborates with 5-star laundries to ensure the maintenance and cleanliness of the clothes. At the same time, Rentique themselves has a repair team to fix any defects found on the items upon their return.

Rentique is here to support the young generation to be it in Indonesia or the world. With the presence of Rentique and the theme of sustainability, Dea encourages people who care about fashion and care about how to make this industry more environmentally friendly; we should start paying attention to how to make our daily habits in sustainable means. Renting is just one of the ways to do this, in Dea’s eyes, there are more ways we can be more aware of our fashion footprint like only purchasing items that you love and can see yourself using 20-30 times and upcycling your clothes. The little things we do that seem little in the greater scheme of things actually count in helping mother Earth.


Don’t forget to check out Rentique’s website and YouTube channel!

Website: www.rentiqueid.com
YouTube: Rentique

Thank you for reading.

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