Fashion For Humanity

Fashion For Humanity

In the wake of the pandemic that is currently sweeping over the world, the greater part of our everyday life is affected.


With the number of infected people rising each day, it seems unlikely to foresee the end of the pandemic just yet. Hence, people from various industries, including fashion, are gathering resources to ease the struggle of fighting this pandemic.

As we know, COVID-19 has considerably affected the lives of many people. Not only does the notorious virus strain the health and threaten the lives of the infected, but it also inhibits other people from going outside, going to social gatherings, and going about their normal lives. The social distancing, as well as stay-at-home policies, is necessary to be implemented since the virus is highly infectious. Another thing to note is that this virus can be fatal when the one infected is someone with a poor immune system.

With the increasing number of patients afflicted with COVID-19 overtime, more health workers are required to treat them. To do so, health workers need medical necessities, such as personal protective equipment (APD) as a measure to protect themselves from being infected. Unfortunately, there is a shortage of APD at this moment. Without sufficient APD, health workers are facing bigger risks of getting infected with COVID-19 other infectious diseases when treating patients.  

In order to alleviate this problem, many parties around the world, including the fashion industry, are taking part in providing APDs for health workers. Up to the day when this article is written, both Indonesian and international fashion brands have taken their part in aiding the struggle to fight this pandemic. For example, Anne Avantie has transformed her company into one that produces APDs; these APDs are distributed as opposed to being sold. A local brand, Reré, is also helping this effort to provide more APD through donations. Meanwhile, in other countries, fashion brands such as Burberry contribute to the fight against COVID-19 by producing roughly 100,000 masks and donating money for vaccine research. Furthermore, corporations such as LVMH utilizes its perfume and cosmetic lines to produce hand sanitizers, which will be distributed for free to health authorities.

In times like these, fashion may be the least of our concern because some may think that fashion has no relation to the unfortunate events occurring around the world at the moment. Nevertheless, as a part of the society itself, fashion continues to thrive. How so? Well, as fashion takes part in the struggle against this devastating pandemic, it can be concluded that fashion still thrives, in the form of helping humanity put an end to the pandemic.

Photo sources: Google, Unsplash, and Pexels.

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