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(v.) develop gradually, especially from a simple to a more complex form.

(n.) the prevailing fashion or style at a particular time.

Throughout the years, UI Fashion Week has dedicated its program to publicize relevant issues from many aspects of life under the perspective of fashion towards society. This year, UI Fashion Week opts its final decision on the grand theme of “Evolving Vogue”.

Evolving Vogue is a theme proposed by UI Fashion Week 2020 as a means to advocate sustainable and conscious fashion to the greater public. Evolving Vogue, commonly abbreviated as Evogue, puts forward the importance of maintaining our earth’s supporting capacity for livelihood while keeping each of individual’s identity through fashion intact. Evogue is created in consideration of the ever-raising number of textile waste, therefore increasing the intensity of perils to the environment each day. Through enormous research, Evogue has ultimately compiled the list of what we can do to contribute to saving the earth in terms of reducing textile waste.

Local brands have been the leading solution to gradually eliminate the danger of fast fashion. Unlike fast fashion retails, local brands are more consistent with their styles. Thus its pace of producing new products are much lower than fast fashion who responses and manufactures as quickly as possible to the changing fashion trends.

The second solution lies in the emergent lifestyle choice, that is thrift shops. Thrift shops, as its name goes, sell secondhand products with good qualities, hence the “thrifty” price. Thrift shops have been gaining popularities before and after constant news of textile waste piling up mountains. Secondhand products and the trends it created will slowly decelerate the production of new pieces of clothing, and thus brings a significant decrease to the trashes’ amount.

The third solution that Evogue offered is utilizing the existence of clothing rental industry. Although particularly new to the digital fashion industry, renting industry have played a significant innovation. Clothing rental has existed since forever, but it mostly offers occasions-only attires, such as wedding dresses. Renting industry provides a subscription to its label where members can choose the items of clothing they want to rent for a predetermined amount of time. It ranges from casual clothes to fashion work-wears. Without the commitment of purchasing, clothing rental industry will hold up the clothes from being thrown away when unused.

Evolving Vogue voices its stances through digital platforms to create the most accessible platforms for many. Employing the user handle of @uifashionweek, Evogue is promoted through the utilization of Instagram features. As for the time being, @uifashionweek has reached almost 11K followers, comprising of diverse groups of people. Evogue is also presented through Youtube under the account of UI Fashion Week, displaying adept information regarding the proposed theme from the most resourceful interviewees.

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